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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes you different?

Our goal is to foster learning curiosity and self-awareness in our students, enabling them to realise their strengths. We equip students with skills to become EFFECTIVE, INDEPENDENT learners and foster a love of learning that will endure across the lifespan.

How can I work with THRIVE?

Head over to our Job Vacancies page to read more about working with us.


What is a Tutor?

‘Tutor’ – a private teacher, especially one who teaches an individual student or a very small group.

How does Tutoring work?

Assessment & Goal Setting
Identify strengths & weakness, key learning needs & set collaborative academic goals.

Progress measured through assessment, goal attainment, teacher and parent feedback.

Personalised Instruction
Lessons catered to learning style, strengths and needs.

Provided by tutors after every session verbally and by email. Ongoing access to manager.

What makes your tutoring services different?

Our tutors are all health and education professionals or students who receive regular supervision from a special and inclusive education teacher. We meet monthly for professional development and adopt a specialised, evidence based approach.

How long do the tutoring sessions go for?

Our tutoring sessions go for 45 minutes however we bill for the full hour. The extra 15 minutes is to prepare and write notes for the progress report at the end of each term at no additional cost. This service is included in the hourly cost.

Do your Tutors have Working with Children Checks?

Yes, all our tutors have a relevant state Working with Children Check (WWCC) and are provided with training and mentoring.

Does the NDIS fund tutoring?

The NDIS does not fund private tutoring and additional education support is the responsibility of the education system.


What services do we provide?

We currently provide early intervention occupational therapy, school based occupational therapy and telehealth assessment for young people.

What support can our Therapy Assistants provide?

For our NDIS clients who have limited funding, they have the option to receive sessions from a therapy assistant who is studying to become a therapist. These assistants are supervised monthly by a senior therapist.