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Our Mission & Vision

After growing demand, Thrive Learning & Therapy was created with a mission to provide only the highest quality of tutoring, mentoring, coaching and therapy services. We support students from all backgrounds, learning profiles and personalities with an emphasis on specialised training and instruction.

Thrive Learning is dedicated to providing innovative services sensitive to the individual learning needs of every person.

At Thrive, we believe learning is a collaborative and dynamic process. Every student has a different learning style that needs to be understood and nurtured. We are passionate about the tutor-student matching process and strive to find a combination that will enhance the strengths of the student.

We have technical knowledge to support students to master their subject areas and become effective learners.

We are honest in what we can provide to students and will always be open with our limitations.

We are respectful of all learning journeys and that every person has a unique learning style and needs.

We adopt an individualised approach to teaching and mentoring based on the specific needs of every person.

We believe in the power of extra tutoring support as a valuable tool for learning and development.

We are committed to empowering students with the skills they need to become independent, effective learners.

Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process and have been chosen to represent and work with Thrive Learning & Therapy because they:


Have a PASSION for supporting other students to ACHIEVE their learning goals.

Growth & Development

Are dedicated to their own continuing professional GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT.

Empathetic & Sensitive

Are EMPATHETIC and SENSITIVE to the different learning needs of every person.

Work with us

We are always on the lookout for aspiring educators to join our tutoring team.

Australian Tutoring Association (ATA)
Australian Tutoring Association (ATA)
Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA)
Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA)