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Early Intervention Therapy

key worker model

Specialised Tutoring Clinic

evidence based learning support

Telehealth Clinic

Allied health

We are passionate about getting to know our clients and making sure we are the best fit for you.

We are sensitive to the person’s unique and individual needs.

Individualised lessons

Ongoing collaborative discussions with parents, caregivers, therapists and teachers.

Goal setting

All staff are committed to ongoing professional development and training.

Knowledge and understanding

To demonstrate that outcomes are being met.

Report & documentation review

A mission & vision for ALL STUDENTS TO


We recognise that every child and young person’s learning journey is UNIQUE. Thrive Learning Clinic was created with a mission to provide EMPOWERING services by understanding the specific learning needs of every person.

Our small selection of high-quality staff have been handpicked due to their passion for strengths focused and evidence based intervention.

Our goal is to foster learning curiosity and self-awareness in our clients, enabling them to realise their strengths. We equip students with skills to become EFFECTIVE, INDEPENDENT learners and foster a love of learning that will endure across the lifespan.