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Literacy, Early Reading Development & Handwriting Intervention (5-17 Years)

Evidence Based & Strengths Focused

For students falling behind in reading and/or spelling, we use Sounds~Write which is a highly successful, evidence based structured synthetic phonics program based on the science of reading and spelling.

To deliver Sounds~Write intervention you must attend a four day intensive course that equips practitioners with the skills to deliver a multisensory, code-oriented, comprehensive approach to literacy instruction.

We currently offer:

  • Online sessions via zoom
  • Home visits in Ipswich & Townsville, QLD
  • Flexible duration and frequency dependent on student’s needs

We currently support a number of students with Dyslexia by providing:

  • Specialised, evidence based tutoring
  • Advocacy & liaison with schools
  • Home program guidance
  • Support understanding Individual Education Plans

Evidence based intervention for READING and SPELLING with a qualified Sounds Write practitioner.

Multisensory tutoring that emphasises learning strengths and teaches the curriculum in adjusted ways.